Troop Adult Leaders

Pete Holtz: Scoutmaster
Rebecca Zirnheld: Committee Secretary, Fundraising committee member
Susie Holtz: Assistant Scoutmaster, Medical Records Chair
Don Bievenour: ASM, Star to Eagle Guide and Patrol Leader Mentor
Rachel Solenberg: ASM, Troop Treasurer
Sandy McNutt: Troop Committee Chair
Mike Yates: ASM, ST21 Training Program Mentor, Advancement & Training Chair
Glenn Funkhouser: Chartered Organization Representative, Fundraising committee member
John Blue: Fundraising committee member and Troop Webpage Chair
Anita Caraker: Troop Email Communication Chair
Bill Cherry: ASM, Eagle Scout Project Mentor
Steve Elliott: ASM
Mike Faulk: ASM, Quartermaster Mentor, Star to Life Advancement mentor
Jeff Heck: CAC, North Star District Commissioner, High-Adventure Mentor
Ed Parda: Webelos Recruitment mentor
Fred Winter: ASM