• Sign-up: Torrent Falls Climbing - What: Southeast Mountain Guides (aka Torrent Falls Climbing) and Camp McKee Sign-up: Event dates: April 13, 5:30pm ET – Return April 15, 3:00pm ET Be at Luke’s Lodge by April 13, 5:30pm ET for a departure time of 6:00pm
  • Sign-up: Help St. Luke’s With Easter Egg Hunt - March 24, 2018, Troop 56 Scouts will help run the St. Luke’s Easter Egg hunt. Sign up: [link] Details: The Scouts will arrive at 7:30AM at the church to help hide the eggs. Children and parents arrive at 9:00AM
  • Sign-up: Wilderness Survival Campout - What: Wilderness Survival Campout Sign-up: Event date: March 9, 6:00pm ET – Return March 11, 1:00pm ET Be at Luke’s Lodge by March 9, 6:00pm ET for a departure time of 6:30pm ET. Location: Camp Bear Creek 7417 S