Camp Ransburg Arrival Update

With 46 trunks of Scout gear, 1,000 pounds of food, and a caravan of cars, Troop 56 came together July 19 for the trip to the Ransburg Scout Reservation on Lake Monroe near Bloomington, IN. Scouts will spend the week taking classes in subjects like cooking, environmental science, rifle, and kayaking.

In addition to the merit badge classes, there are several Scouts working on additional activities to earn achievement levels like Camper, Woodsmen, or Firecrafter.

Scouts are not the only ones going to class. Adult volunteers can take classes in subjects like Water Safety, Scout Master Specifics, or Home Sickness. The week at Ransburg offers everyone at camp the opportunity to learn new skills and to refresh on old ones.

During the week, selected pictures will be shared on the Troop 56 Facebook page and a larger set of them will be shared on Flickr. Here are Day One and Day Two.

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