Month: July 2015

Hail To The Chefs

Many, many thanks to the Chefs of Camp Ransburg, Mrs. Solenberg and Mr. Winter. Without them the camp experience would have been vastly different. “The food was awesome!” said Trevor M. Also, thanks to Mr. Faulk who directed the dutch

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Mid-Week Camp & Sleep Out

The middle of the week at Camp Ransburg involves preparing for the arrival of family and friends in the evening. That means clean up, decoration, and preparing a couple of campfires. Thanks again to all the people who came to

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Great Weather

Today’s weather was great. Not hot, not rain, not crazy. Scouts attended classes and even the adults found time to learn a new trick or two. There were two Scouts that performed their Firecrafter camp fires. Both Ryan and Max

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Camp Ransburg Arrival Update

With 46 trunks of Scout gear, 1,000 pounds of food, and a caravan of cars, Troop 56 came together July 19 for the trip to the Ransburg Scout Reservation on Lake Monroe near Bloomington, IN. Scouts will spend the week

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